Cromwell School Officials Says Disciplinary Action Was Taken After ‘Extremely Racist' Video

Disciplinary action has been taken in the Cromwell public school system after video surfaced on social media that “contained extremely racist content,” according to the superintendent of schools.

“As a school district we have the obligation and responsibility to create a safe environment for all of our students. This morning we took appropriate action and put into place appropriate steps to ensure that the safety of all our students was our paramount concern,” Superintendent of Schools,Thomas McDowell, said in a statement to families in the Cromwell school community on Thursday morning.

“Within our school system we always promote the idea that every individual is unique and should be valued and respected regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or economic background. The video is an anomaly and does not represent our student body, our schools or our community,” the message goes on to say.

McDowell said. “appropriate action” was taken and the school district “will be vigilant in our efforts to promote a safe and welcoming environment for our students and our community.”

He added that the schools will continue to promote diversity training and presentations.

Austin Gengler, a Cromwell High Student said, “It shot over everybody’s Snapchat stories overnight. I Saw it on a whole bunch of people. Everybody’s saying it was disgusting and I agree with them and people shouldn’t be doing that kind of stuff.”

A local NAACP leader says he’s heard of incidents like this locally too often.

“Racism is running rampant throughout the state of Connecticut especially amongst young whites and we need to do something about it and we need to do something about it, said CT Chapter President Scot X. Esdaile.

He wants to see more people prosecuted for hate crimes.

“It puts people in a situation where they remember how slavery was carried out in America and if young people feel this way and they’re expressing themselves on video on social media sooner or later something really bad is going to happen,” he said.

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