Cromwell Woman Says Local Painter Didn't Paint A Rosy Picture

Update: After this story was published Jeffrey Cubeta returned Lancia’s $600 deposit.

Cromwell resident Lucille Lancia wanted to spruce up her home with a little color, so the 85-year-old called on a local painter to do the work.

But she said that while Jeffrey Cubeta, owner of Cubeta Painting, LLC in South Glastonbury, painted a rosy picture of what he could do for her home, he didn’t complete the work after spending one day getting the project started.

“It’s unbelievable, you know,” said Lucille Lancia.

In June, Lancia said she paid Cubeta $600 dollar for the deposit and then gave him an additional $250 to buy the paint She says the total cost of the job was $1300. Lancia said she never paid him the rest. She admitted that she didn’t sign a contract but instead used her canceled checks as proof of payment

She said Cubeta began the job by painting the door trim and priming the walls, but then left without finishing the job.

“I said, gee something doesn’t sound right there,” said Lancia.

She said Cubeta never indicated when he would come back to complete the job, despite Lancia’s repeated phone calls.

Lancia said it wasn’t until August when she finally reached him and the two agreed that Cubeta would reimburse her $600 for the unfinished work. Lancia said another week went by and she heard nothing further from Cubeta, nor did she receive her refund.

After Lancia reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds, we reached John Cubeta by phone. He declined to speak with us on camera, but he insisted he would refund Lancia $600. After our phone conversation, Cubeta sent NBC Connecticut Responds the following text message:

“Good evening. I was working when you contacted me about Lucille. I always write proposals. As far as this particular job, I didn't get to it right away. Lucille will definitely get money from me, not however the full $850. Wouldn't be fair to me. Also as far as being on camera, I'm not doing that and it's unnecessary. I worked a day there so I can give her back $600 or deduction of paint would bring it to $400. I have been in business for 15 years and have established myself. I will however work it out and make it fair for both of us.”

Monday, Cubeta texted Responds again saying he has tried calling Lucille Lancia to work out something. But Lancia said she has not heard from him. Still, she is relieved that Responds is helping her get closer to a resolution.

“It’s good that you people are there for us. I mean it.”

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