CSB Reopening, But Not For Long

Students left a meeting at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Farmington Monday night still confused about their future.

"I think I'm more frustrated now than I was when the school closed," said Keith Massimino, a student from Cheshire.

The students got the news they will get to finish out their program, but some say they're still missing out.

"It's important to get our certification, but on top of that, there is supposed to be three other phases, workshops, studio time, resumes, teaching us the correct way to interview for our types of jobs," Massimino said.

When CSB filed for bankruptcy on March 6, the school closed its doors, leaving about 50 students in Connecticut, 400 on campuses nationwide, with two weeks of class left.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal stepped in.

“These courses should be available, giving students the training they need, the courses they have paid for and the opportunities that they really deserve in the marketplace,” Blumenthal said before Monday's meeting.

Blumenthal helps CSB secure a loan, so currently enrolled students can resume classes Wednesday and finish out the 16-week program.

“This solution is a great win for the students and the state of Connecticut, because those students will have access to jobs in broadcasting and complete the courses that they paid to receive," Blumenthal said.

But in its own paperwork, CSB writes, "Graduation day is not the end of your experience."

"Following graduation they help us get internships and do workshops and career training sorts of things," student Hilary Catala of Wallingford said. "So that's what we pay our $12,000 tuition for. It's a lot of money and we expect to get our money's worth."

But CSB's reopening may be short lived.

"Right now we are currently dealing with the current class, making sure that they're all set and we'll go from there," John Sheatsley, a CSB instructor said.

At the meeting Monday night, that was closed to the media, students hoped to have their concerns addressed.

"It didn't solve anything with job placement. They just kept saying we don't know yet," student Keith Massimino said.

Students were told their last day of class will be April 8th.

CSB's future beyond that is unknown.

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