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CT In Color: G-Mart & Supporting Asian-Owned Businesses

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A new grocery store in Milford has created a one-stop-shop for customers who have trouble finding Asian food items.

Jeff Gee and his father manage and operate G-Mart in Milford on Cherry Street. Gee said each time he stocks a shelf or helps with the day-to-day operations of his father's Milford mega-market, it's a reminder that he's offering a service.

"I feel good knowing that we're helping people come to one location to get all of their food essentials," said Gee.

Fruits, vegetables and other food items from a variety of locations are sold at the Market.

G-Mart is the family's first Asian-market and it was created after a pitch from a family friend.

"One of my friends told me there was a demand like people here would have to travel hours to get some of the authentic Asian food," said Gee.

The Asian megamarket has a variety of fruits, vegetables and other food products from different locations like Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam. For some customers, it provides a little taste of home.

"There's a lot of product here and I'm so happy," said Sukanya Saisamut, a new shopper. "I see a lot and there's product from Thailand and I'm really impressed that they have those options here in Connecticut."

Seafood and other meats are sold inside the Asian Mega-Market for customers.

The excitement goes beyond customers to other business owners who say the city needs and has an appetite for new businesses.

"It allows us to grow and it brings us the diverse people that we need in our community," said Wanda Carleson, a fellow Milford business owner. "Milford is a great place to open a business because it's right between New York and Boston."

As for the Gee family, they're hoping their store will unite the community and bring together people who have a love for food and different cultures.

"Everybody is the same, I mean whatever we need to do to support, we just need to support them because life's not easy," said Gee.

The store is located in the Milford Plaza along Cherry Street and is open from 9:30 a.m.- 7 p.m. daily.

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