Landfill Becomes Fantasy Land for Indie Flick

A landfill in Berlin became the site of the opening scene of an action movie Thursday night, complete with car explosions and warehouse fires!

The crew is filming an independent made-for-TV movie called "E8 Think Tank."

It centers around a fictitious CIA group created after September 11th.

Silver Phoenix Entertainment and Valenti Vision Films are behind the movie.

"We're from the local area and wanted to bring something back to the community. It was also more cost-effective for us to do it here, and we got a lot more support from the community," Kevin Wenzel, a writer and producer of the project, said.

The state offers film tax credits to those who make motion pictures, television programs, advertising and video games.

If you spend more than $50,000 in the state, you begin earning credits on nearly every single line item, according to the Connecticut Film Center.

The movie will air in New York City next month. If it gets a big enough audience, Wenzel said it could be turned into a TV series.

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