CT Men Named As AIG Bonus Getters

The AIG bonuses are on everyone’s minds as we all reel in a bad economy and tax dollars go to companies that messed up and helped get us into that mess. 

The New York Post named three people who got the AIG bonuses and all three live in Connecticut.

The Post identified Fairfield residents James Haas and Douglas Poling and New Canaan resident Jonathan Liebergall and said they received the cash after AIG was given bailout money by the federal government.

The three men are among 418 current and former AIG employees who received bonuses, the Wall Street Journal reports. All three worked in the company's troubled Financial Products division in Wilton, which has been linked to the company's collapse, the New York Post reports.

Edward Liddy, AIG's CEO, testified before Congress Wednesday and said he told some of the employees who received checks of $100,00 or more to return their bonus payments.

According to Liddy, some have given back all of their bonuses. One is Polling, 48, who served as the financial unit's general counsel, director, executive vice-president and chief administrative officer, according to the Wall Street Journal reports.

He received more that $6.4 million and plans to return it, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Haas, 47, served as executive vice-president and the co-leader of North American marketing.

"I wish I could give you a whole story, but I'm ordered not to. You'll hear from my lawyer," he told the Post.

Liebergall, 43, was a unit director and head of municipal finance.

"I can't talk - I'm not allowed," he told the New York Post.

How much they were given is not known.

AIG executives have claimed that under Connecticut law, it was required to pay the bonus checks or face lawsuits from employees for twice the amount of the bonus check.

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