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CTDOT Launches New Information Platform For Users

Aerial view of traffic and overpasses.
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The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is launching a new program to give its users easier access to transportation information.

In a press release sent on Wednesday, Commissioner Joseph Giulietti announced the launch of CTDOT’s Open Data Hub, also known as The Hub.

The platform will be a live look at geospatial data for users to view such as traffic volumes, crashes, roadway characteristics

CTDOT also noted that additional information and applications alongside The Hub will continue to be released as they are available.

“The Open Data Hub is about empowering the public with information,” said Commissioner Joseph Giulietti in a press release.

“By putting data at the fingertips of the people we serve, we are transforming the way the CTDOT does business. Transparent and accessible data on the Hub will foster better understanding of the work we do as one of the state’s largest agencies and help drive better collaboration in problem-solving and innovation.”

In addition, the release of CTDOT’s Hub is in part due to the Lamont Administration’s efforts to provide the general public with certain department datasets, according to the press release.

To access the hub, visit the State of Connecticut’s Open Data portal or by visiting CTDOT’s website.

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