Damaged Plane Makes Emergency Landing at Sikorsky Memorial Airport

Incredible video captured the moment a small plane made an emergency landing in Stratford on Saturday.

Miraculously everyone is okay who was on the L-39 Albatros, a military-type jet.

First responders raced to Sikorsky Memorial Airport after receiving the call the aircraft was in trouble.

“After we got into position, tower directed him to land. The pilot did a great job. He dropped it down on its belly and did a spectacular job getting it down safely,” said Deputy Chief Ron Rolfe, Bridgeport Fire.

A damaged plane made an emergency landing at Stratford’s Sikorsky Memorial Airport Saturday afternoon.

Amazingly firefighters tell us the two people on-board were able to get out themselves and are okay.

They were met on the runway by emergency responders from the airport, Stratford and Bridgeport.

“This was really an excellent collaboration of the mutual aid response. This really could not have gone any better,” said Michelle Muoio, airport manager.

Airport staff reveal the plane despite its Navy markings is privately owned.

During takeoff from Sikorsky, we’re told the experienced pilot realized the plane had apparently lost a piece of its landing gear, circled until emergency crews were ready and then pulled off the tricky landing.

The FAA will investigate and try to figure out what went wrong.

The airport hopes to open the runway as soon as possible.

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