East Windsor

Damaging, Invasive Pigweed Found in East Windsor

A damaging and invasive weed that can be toxic to livestock has been found in Connecticut.

Pigweed has been found in two pumpkin fields in East Windsor, according to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

Local officials said that the weed, Palmer amaranth, is widespread and damaging in the southern United States. They said the highly aggressive weed, which can overtake crops, can be resistant to man herbicides that are commonly used to control weeds in crops.

Growers are urged to report the presence of pigweed to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

Anyone who suspects it is on their property should contact Dr. Jatinder Aulakh, assistant weed scientist, by email at Jatinder.Aulakh@ct.gov or call 860-683-4984.

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