Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter Rescues Seriously Hurt Kitten

Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter

NOTE: This story contains details that some readers may find disturbing.

A kitten that was seriously injured and brought to Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter has underwent surgery and is on the mend.

The two-month-old kitten, named Bandit, was brought to the animal shelter in desperate need of help. They said she had multiple wounds all over her body, including a serious injury to her abdomen that was likely a bite from a large dog.

The shelter said the bite had punctured the kitten's intestines and caused a septic abdomen, which is a serious infection that could be deadly.

The kitten was taken to Pieper Veterinary where she underwent emergency surgery. During the procedure, Bandit's small intestine was found to be so damaged that over two-thirds of it had to be removed.

Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter said many people have raised money for the kitten's surgery, and she's now recovering.

"Despite everything she went through, Bandit surprised us all by how quickly she recovered," Pieper Veterinary said.

Bandit was bright, alert and eating the next day. She's only gotten stronger over the past few days, they said.

"Veterinary medicine is a hard job, but it's the patients like Bandit that make it all worthwhile!" the veterinary clinic said.

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