DMV Cracks Down on Unsafe Trucks

Get ready to see a lot more action on our roads.

On Tuesday, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles launched a three-day campaign aimed at targeting unsafe truck drivers.

The program is called Roadcheck 2013 and the DMV and state police are teaming up to increase patrols on major roadways, with the goal of increasing truck safety.

“Making sure drivers are operating properly, not following too close, not speeding … wearing safety belts,” Lt. Don Bridge, of the Connecticut DMV, said.

Bridge said trucks quite often are faulty and have unsafe brakes, broken lights or busted tires.

“When [the tires] start to come apart … it starts throwing pieces in the air, and now it puts everyone in danger,” he said.

As part of the campaign, officers will stop trucks and inspect them; checking the vehicle’s equipment and drivers’ qualifications. 

“Sometimes … the driver’s under suspension, isn’t properly licensed. We find a lot of those things when we stop drivers for their behavior,” Bridge said.

Kenny Smith, who has been a truck driver for 12 years, was stopped on his way up to Massachusetts and said it’s a dangerous job.

“I might ride from here to North Carolina and not know a light is out until I get stopped,” he said.

DMV officials said trucks are involved in about 1,000 crashes each year in Connecticut.

DMV officials said Roadcheck 2013 aims to reduce that number.

“Follow the rules. As burdensome as you think they are, they are there for a reason,” Lt. Bridge said. 

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