DMV: Don’t Take Selfies While Driving

Getty Images/Flickr RM

Taking selfies can get you into trouble for many reasons. Chances are you already know that taking pictures while driving is dangerous, but the state Department of Motor Vehicles is issuing a warning specifically asking teens not to take photos of themselves or passengers when they are driving.

“People of all ages like to take 'selfies.' We post them on Facebook, Instagram, Hipstagram, Twitter, etc. This can be fun, but there are times when 'selfies' are inappropriate--especially in the car,” Dr. David Shapiro, a trauma surgeon at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, said in a statement.

State law prohibits 16 and 17-year-old drivers from using any electronic device while driving and state law prohibits using a cell phone while driving.

“This is an extremely dangerous behavior and should never happen,” DMV Commissioner Melody Currey said. “For the few seconds it takes to snap a photo, it could be the last photo they take of themselves or friends if a crash happens.”

Pina Violano, injury prevention coordinator at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, was just as emphatic, said “Taking pictures while driving a 3,000 pound "weapon" can endanger not only the lives of teen drivers but passengers, pedestrians and other innocent people.”

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