Donors Come Forward to Fund Wallingford Fireworks

This Fourth of July, the skies over Wallingford will once again light up with fireworks after some new donors came forward.

The town’s annual Independence Day display had been in jeopardy because there was no one to pay for the show.

Funding for the event hadn’t been in the town’s budget since 2009, amid the national recession, so the Wallingford Fireworks Fund stepped in each year to raise the money to keep the annual tradition going.

However, the people who run the fund said the town recovered from the economic downturn, so they would no longer raise money because they believe the fireworks should be back into the town’s budget.

With no funding, that left the fate of the show hanging in the balance, but the chair of the town council, Vincent Cervoni, and a new group of donors quietly raised the money to cover the costs.

The donations to the show: 

  • Toyota Oakdale Theatre / Live Nation, pledged $12,000.
  • Ulbrich Specialty Metals pledged $5,000
  • Choate Rosemary Hall pledged $5,000
  • KBE Building Corporation pledged $5,000.
  • Component Engineers pledged $1,000
  • The Latimer Group pledged $1,000
  • Bob Parisi pledged $1,000
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