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Early Morning Earthquake Hits West Hartford

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Did you feel it? A small earthquake hit West Hartford early this morning and several surrounding towns felt it too.

According to the U.S Geological Survey, the 1.9 magnitude earthquake hit right near Woodruff and Tunxis Road in West Hartford just before 1:15 a.m.

Maureen Long, a Yale earth and planetary science professor, has studied earthquakes and said this one was fairly typical for our region and there is still a lot of research to be conducted on seismic events.

"If you feel strong shaking, duck, cover and hold on. Get under a table or a desk and hold onto something, that’s the advice," Long said.

She said scientists are working to understand precisely why they happen and why some areas are more prone to them than others.

"I think it’s good for us all to be aware, even for us who live here, that we can experience earthquakes even if they’re not typically frequent," she said.  

David Kluskiewicz, of West Hartford, checked his house after the earthquake to make sure there was no damage.

"We thought there was an explosion or a tree hit our house last night," he said.   

Police said they received dozens of calls from people who either felt the earthquake or heard a loud noise.

Farmington and Newington police also received reports about the earthquake.

There have been no reports of any damages or injuries.

You can get more information on recent earthquakes here.

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