East Haven Deputy Police Chief to Become New Chief

The mayor of East Haven has named a new police chief. 

Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. said he will appoint Ed Lennon as the next police chief. Lennon is the current deputy chief and James Naccarato, who currently serves as the department's professional standards officer, will become deputy chief effective July 1. 

These changes come about after police chief Brent Larrabee decided not to seek renewal of his contract. 

"Ed Lennon's ascension to the role of Police Chief in East Haven is an indicator of the department's growth, progress, and readiness to lead itself. As we approach the anticipated termination date of the police department's agreement with the Department of Justice, it is only fitting that an outstanding police professional like Ed Lennon assumes leadership of the department," Maturo said in a statement. 

The Department of Justice inquiry into the police department started after some East Haven police officers were arrested, accused of racism targeting Hispanics and Maturo previously said the inquiry brought needed change, including a more diverse, community oriented police force.  

According to the mayor’s office, the recent vetting process included soliciting input from community stakeholders, town counsel, the United States Attorney's Office, the Department of Justice, and the Police Commission. 

Maturo said Lennon “has established himself as one of the most talented, progressive, and knowledgeable police professionals in the country." 

The formal swearing-in ceremony will take place on Thursday, June 23. 

"As our Police Department continues to move forward, we must ensure that we appoint leaders who are capable of preserving the accountability, transparency, and tolerance that we have worked so hard to restore within our Police Department. I have the utmost of confidence that Ed Lennon and James Naccarato are capable of doing so and that they will lead our Police Department with dignity and pride for years to come," Maturo said in a statement.

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