‘Eat It Up!': Hartford Yard Goats Release New Jingle

Eat it up! The Hartford Yard Goats already have the name, the uniforms, the colors and the swag and now the capital city's new Minor League baseball team has released its new jingle. 

Yard Goats Assistant General Manager Mike Abramson introduced the team's new theme song exclusively on NBC Connecticut News Wednesday morning.

"Once you hear it, you'll not be able to unhear it," Abramson said. 

"These Cats Rock" from the team's New Britain Rock Cats days has become "Eat It Up" for the team's rebirth as the Hartford Yard Goats. 

"Eat it up! Eat it up! The Hartford Yard Goats. Eat it up. Eat it up. Eat up the good times, eat up the fun. The Hartford Yard Goats. We're number one. Come on our with your family. Come on out with your friends. Yard Goats baseball. The fun never ends. Eat it up! The Hartford Yard Goats. Eat it up! Eat it up. Oh yeah!"

L&R Productions in Glastonbury wrote and produced the fresh Yard Goats jingle, given very little instruction beyond making it up-beat with a little more of a rock and roll edge. The team's staff was impressed with the first recording the production company pitched and found the words stuck in your head. 

"The first time I heard it, I remembered the words. And that's what we want people to do. Because this will be in our TV commercials, our radio commercials, so we want people to hear it and associate it with the team," Abramson said.

The jingle is different than the "Let's Go, Yard Goats!" hype song the team already released, produced by Yard Goats fan and bassist/guitarist Matt Deis, formerly of nationally-recognized bands like CKY and All That Remains, and YUCKY Studios. It's put to video and is meant more as a stadium pump-up song, whereas "Eat It Up" gets the marketing message across, according to Ambramson. 

"This is a little bit more for radio, for TV, for catchy, summer fun and that sort of thing. The hype song pumps you up and this delivers the marketing message," Abramson said. 

Speaking of the stadium, the project is back on track after the announcement of the delayed completion date and scheduled to open May 31, according to Abramson. The Harford Stadium Authority met with the developers, ownership group and Yard Goats general manager on Tuesday to talk about the progress. Ambramson said "everybody feels very comfortable with the speed and the process and we're just laser-focused on our opening date."

Until then, you can eat up the new jingle on our website or on the Hartford Yard Goats YouTube channel. You can also follow the Yard Goats on Twitter (@GoYardGoats), Facebook and on the team's website, yardgoatsbaseball.com.

Listen to the Yard Goats news jingle.
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