Effort to Increase COVID-19 Vaccinations Among Vulnerable Groups

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There is a push to get more people in our state vaccinated and make sure no one is left behind.

Groups are trying to help overcome any potential obstacles, including language barriers and vaccine hesitancy.

From distributing flyers at shops to sitting down to help eligible people register, Bristol Health is pushing to get more of the minority population vaccinated.

“It’s really an intentional effort to step out of walls and go into the community to meet people where they are at and get the information into their fingertips,” said Albert Peguero, Bristol Health emergency preparedness manager.

Connecticut Department of Public Health data reveals about 16% of white residents in the state have received their first dose.

It’s about 7% for Black and Hispanic people.

“There’s still a lot of lingering doubt out there,” said Eric Clemons, NAACP Greater Bristol Branch president.

The NAACP teamed up with Bristol Health to hold a vaccine registration event on Wednesday.

“The more that news gets out and families and communities that know it’s not dangerous, it’s actually a good thing to do, to be at least willing to sign up to take the vaccine I think you’ll see more people get onboard and take it,” said Clemons.

Also now at a dozen stores in the city customers will find details in both English and Spanish about how to book online and over the phone.

But some want to avoid those options which have had some troubles.

“I came directly because I told my daughter I need to find a place where I can talk to someone,” said Lonnie Spikes of Meriden.

Spikes was relieved to leave the signup event with her appointment scheduled for later this month.

“Whatever I can do to stop the spread I want to do it,” said Spikes.

Bristol Health plans to continue dropping off the flyers at other businesses here and in surrounding towns.

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