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What's Next in the Presidential Election? CT Experts Weigh in

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Many people in Connecticut and beyond are anxious to know who won the presidential race, but at this point six states have yet to be called, and it's still unknown when the American people will know.

While most statewide election results are in, some final results are still being tallied as absentee ballots are being counted.

While it’s not the election she imagined for her first time voting, Brianna Decapua, of New Milford, said it’s kept her watching every moment she can.

NBC News projects as of Thursday morning that former Vice President Joe Biden has won 253 electoral votes, including Connecticut's seven electoral votes, and President Donald Trump has won 214 electoral votes.

President Donald Trump recently said he will take this to the United States Supreme Court and has already been calling for a recount of votes.

Dr. Gary Rose, a government professor and chair of the Department of Government for Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, said it could be weeks before we have answers.

Dr. Gary Rose, professor and chair of the Department of Government for Sacred Heart University, said voters should recognize the process of getting eletion results could continue for the next several weeks, calling it troubling that litigation has already started.

Rose said when people litigate, it’s up to the courts to make ruling and this election could, once again, fall into the hands of judges.

"That, to me, is unfortunate,” said Rose.

The Trump campaign said it filed lawsuits Wednesday in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia.

“Whether you like the candidate or not, the American people are supposed to accept the outcome of an election," said Rose. "And when millions of people don't, it shows that they've lost faith and trust in our system of governing ourselves as free people, so that to me is very troubling.”

In the 2000 presidential election, there was a recount in Florida, but experts who weighed in say this is very different than what happened in the 2000 presidential election, this time around we’re talking about potential recounts in several states.

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