Extreme Heat Keeping Campers at Bay

The 100 degree temperatures forecast for this weekend are a top concern for campers.

At Markham Meadows Campground in East Hampton, a large group of 25 people who reserved five campsites decided to reschedule for an alternate weekend because of the heat.

“They’ll come back, just want to pick a weekend when it’s not 100 plus degrees and I can’t blame them,” Melissa Engel, the owner of Markham Meadows Campground, said. “We’ve had several phone calls this week with people concerned about the 100 plus temperatures and they’re going to be in tents and tents hold heat. So camping is not always the coolest way to enjoy a hot weekend, unfortunately.”

There are some families who decided to stick it out though. The Merriman family brought fans for their tents and for under their canopy. They also stocked up on plenty of water and plan on spending most of their time in the pool or the pond.

“I’m not worried. There’s bodies of water, we may be in it all the time,” Marleen Merriman, a camper from Cheshire, said.

The owner says fortunately 100 degree temperatures are unusual in Connecticut.

“I can tell you slushie sales will be up and the pool will be full and the boats will be used and my advice to everybody is to stay near a body of water, etiher the pond or the pool, just sit and relax,” Engel said.

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