Family Celebrates Growing Bigger on National Adoption Day

The Selleck family originally planned to foster Jermaine and Jiovany for a short time, but fell in love and decided to officially adopt the boys.

More than 500 adoptions have taken place in Connecticut this year and to celebrate National Adoption Day, the Selleck family is expanding their family by two.

November 22 marks a three year anniversary for the Sellecks, as it’s the day that 4-year-old Jermaine and 3-year-old Jiovany walked into the family’s lives.

In 2016, Joan Selleck received a call from Department of Children and Families.

“They just called one day and said they have two little boys and asked if I could take them,” said Joan. “I told them I couldn’t take them because I had to work but I could take them the next day.”

The following day marked the start of a new union for Joan and her two sons, 11-year-old, Nick and 13-year-old Gus.

“My bigger boys and I decided we would become a foster family to help give back a little,” said Selleck. “I always thought I would have more kids.”

The widowed mother is a registered nurse at UConn and has been taking care of her two sons since her husband passed away in 2009.

Initially, the family planned to foster Jermaine and Jiovany for a short time, but their smiles and love tugged at their hearts.

“I love spending time with them I love putting them to bed at night and every part of it,” Joan said. “I enjoy being with them and listening to everything they have to say.”

Big brothers Nick and Gus said it means a lot to know that they finally have two younger brothers.

“They’re insane because they will find anyway to play,” said Nick. “They’ll build things to climb on, they’re really just quite amazing.”

While the two little boys can get on their brother’s nerves, both Nick and Gus say they’ll do anything for them.

“They mean everything to us,” said Gus. “I would probably risk my life in a life or death situation.”

As the family embarks on a new journey, Joan said it’s a day she will remember forever.

“They’re sweet little boys who I’ve raised for three years now,” said Joan. “It’s great that I can actually say that I get to keep them forever.”

This marked the official and final legal step that completed the adoption in Juvenile Court. The goal of this year’s proceedings was to raise public awareness about the benefits of adoption for the children for the families. These adoptions happened across Connecticut courts and more than 70 children will be adopted.

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