Family Celebrates Officially Adopting Their Daughter

The Luna family has been waiting for two years to adopt their maternal niece and cousin.

At least 70 Connecticut families are celebrating for National Adoption Day, especially one Cromwell family.

The Luna family has been waiting for two years to adopt their maternal niece and cousin.

The process and waiting have been difficult for single mom Alyssa, who’s been juggling a new job, nursing school and her three little boys.

“This is the biggest thing that I’m thankful for this year,” said Luna. “It’s great that I have my boys and now I have my daughter, and we’re all happy.”

The single mother said she was unfamiliar with the adoption process and initially was unsure if she could handle another child.

“It’s hard at times because there’s a lot of uncertainty and worry,” said Luna. “It’s been a very long process, but I would do it all over again.”

Emma Bella has three new brothers, and all say they’re excited about the addition to their family, especially 13-year-old Isaiah Medina.

“I’m happy and grateful to know that we finally have her at home with us every day,” said Medina. “It means that we are going to have to watch over her especially if she is getting bullied at school or has problems with her homework.”

The most important part of National Adoption Day is that now the family gets to cherish having Emma in their life permanently.

“It’ll be a really great Thanksgiving this year,” said Luna. “She’s our biggest blessing this year.”

This marked the official and final legal step that completed the adoption in Juvenile Court. The goal of this year’s proceedings was to raise public awareness about the benefits of adoption for the children for the families. These adoptions happened across Connecticut courts and more than 70 children will be adopted.

At least 30 percent of the children adopted this year were by relatives. It’s a number that Department of Children and Families Commissioner Vannessa Dorantes wants to increase.

“We want to do everything possible to avoid removing children but when we do, we want them to be placed with someone that we know is caring and loving,” said Dorantes.

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