Farmington Students Write to Change the World

One third grade class at West District School in Farmington is learning that one person truly can make a difference, all while developing critical writing and leadership skills.

Teacher Stephanie Kessler said the goal for her third grade glass is using words to change the world.

“I think it’s so important for the kids to be critical thinkers and to not believe everything that they hear or that they read and to really think for themselves,” said Kessler.

As part of their opinion writing unit, students wrote letter petitions to change things that bothered them. 

“I wanted to accomplish people wanting to save the manatees and wanting to help out more," student Shannon Maye said.

Student Martin Chappell wants people to use fewer plastic water bottles.

“I’ve learned that you need to have details and powerful words to make your audience really just listen to you and make a difference,” Chappell said.

And Bryan LaDuke wants people to stop wasting electricity.

“I’ve learned that your words can be really strong and they could change a big country, and a lot of people,” said LaDuke.

And the class got back responses – from school officials, corporations, and even the President, who encouraged them to keep making their voices heard.

“On top of learning about how to be a great persuasive writer, they really learned that their voice is very powerful. And, writing and using your words is a great tool,” emphasized Kessler.

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