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Farmington Valley American Muslim Center Hosts Virtual ‘Eid Al-Fitr' Service

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Farmington Valley American Muslim Center worshipers celebrated 'Eid Al-Fitr' virtually to follow Governor Ned Lamont's executive order of limiting gathers to 50 people or less.

The ceremony comes after thousands of Muslims were fasting for Ramadan. Organizers tell NBC Connecticut that Eid is like Muslim Christmas.

The center also hosted a drive-thru celebration for all families and gave out both treats and flowers for families.

"As much as we want to be together, we obviously want everyone to be safe," said Khamis Abu-Hasaballah, president of the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center. "Safety is the number one priority and we are following the state guidelines as far as our operations and our openings."

Worshipers sang, prayed and celebrated from a distance.

According to Governor Lamont's Office, places of worship inside the state have never been ordered to close but many voluntarily chose to do so.

The celebrations come on the heels of President Donald Trump's comments ordering governors to ease restrictions for church gatherings.

"If they do not do it, I will override the governor's," Trump said. "In America, we need more prayer, not less."

Trump then ordered the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to change guidelines for places of worship. The agency issued the following precautions: encourage face coverings, limit large gatherings, suspend choirs and singing, host services outside, and increase cleaning and disinfecting.

Worshipers at Farmington Valley American Muslim Center tell NBC Connecticut that they're still glad to have a sense of community even if it's virtually.

"In this current time, we get a chance to see each other and celebrate in this way," said Fauzia Nayar. "I know this is a new way to celebrate Eid but this is quite a big chance for us."

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