Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee to Vote on Connecticut Tolls

Governor Ned Lamont hopes his push for electronic tolls in Connecticut takes a step further on Wednesday.

The Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee is set to vote on tolls.

Earlier this week, Lamont sent a letter to state legislators and said it's time to "move forward without compromising our core principles for an easier vote."

He also promised toll rates would be frozen for three years.

Still, there is opposition. No Tolls CT Founder Patrick Sasser said “it’s time to band together and say we've had enough."

Sasser hand delivered a petition signed by 100,000 people directly to Lamont’s staff last week to prove his point.

There is still a ways to go before tolls could be approved. Before it becomes a bill, it would still need to pass in the General Assembly.

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