Fire Breaks Out At Hamden Multi-Use Building

A fire broke out at 56 Benton Street in Hamden Saturday morning, displacing one person.

A neighbor called to report seeing heavy black smoke rising from the building where MadCity Auto Repair and an apartment are located.

Firefighters arrived on scene within three minutes and a second alarm was issued because of the potential for the fire to build granted there were body shop solvents, paints and several cars in the repair shop.

One person lives in the apartment and made it out safely. That person was displaced and is staying with relatives. No one was in the auto repair shop at the time. There were no injuries.

The fire didn't spread beyond the room it started in and was under control within an hour. The building has wood frames, so it required an "extensive overhaul to extinguish fire extension to void spaces and interior walls."

Hamden police directed traffic and the town's building inspector was called to confirm the building was stable.

American Medical Response was at the scene to help make sure the firefighters were okay, given they're warm, heavy gear.

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