Camera Captures Moment of Lightning Strike in West Haven

A couple trying to escape the afternoon storms was struck by lightning at a West Haven beach on Thursday, police said. 

Officials said the couple, a man in his 50s and a woman in her 40s, were walking on Oak Grove field when they got caught in the rain.

As they walked by a tree that was struck by lightning, the couple recieved an energy transfer.

"When the lightning went through the center, you can see it pushed the bark right off the tree," said Ray Quagliani with West Haven Public Works.

Quagliani stood just feet away from the tree and the couple that went down.

"They weren't talking. They were just lying there in shock," said Quagliani.

Both victims were brought to the hospital.

"This is amazing that lightning can blow the bark off a tree like that, and it flew so far. We're really lucky more people didn't get hurt," said West Haven Mayor Ed O'Brien.

Police recommend that during storms people stay away from trees and seek shelter indoors.

As far as the tree is concerned, with most of the debris picked up, officials say they're going to leave it just like it is so anyone can see firsthand the powerful effects of lightning.

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