Food Critics Under Attack!

Times critic Frank Bruni is taking reader questions this week, and picky eaters are already going at him. "We ate at Convivio last night. … The menu: tripe, sweetbreads, goat, duck hearts, livers. Ugh! I do not eat those kinds of things. Who does?" Spare yourselves from a week's worth of this (and the inevitable questions about anonymity) by submitting your own query. In more alarming news, a food critic from the Albany Times-Union was attacked last Friday outside a restaurant. Steve Barnes, who resembles Mario Batali, is cut and bruised, but physically all right. "Once the responding officers learned what I do for a living, they understandably asked if I had written anything negative about Creo. … I told the cops, 'No, I’m completely certain that Creo didn’t send the dishwashers out to rough me up after dinner tonight.'" Time to ask for hazard pay. [Times-Union via Romenesko]

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