Former Farmington Town Councilor Accused of Using Fake Name, Threats to Try to Coerce Woman Into Having Sex

Investigators say Jon Landry used a fake name and threatened a woman to try and get her to have sex with him.

Former Farmington Town Councilor Jon Landry had no comment for reporters when he walked out of a courtroom on Monday.

Investigators say Landry used a fake name and threatened a woman to try and get her to have sex with him.

In the affidavit, Newington Police say back in 2008, the victim, identified as "Jane Doe," met a man online by the name of "Jason Davis" when she was 12. The paperwork says the relationship became sexual in 2013, when she was above the age of consent.

In 2018, the victim met with Newington Police and told the officer she was being harassed by a woman named Jessica Monroe.

In court documents, the victim told police that Davis took her to a Republican convention and they got into an argument and stopped talking for weeks. The victim told police she received a message from Jessica Monroe about a month later and that she claimed to be friends with Davis. Doe says Monroe encouraged her to have sex with Davis.

Police reported that looking at text messages, it appeared Monroe was constantly pushing and manipulating Doe to sleep with Davis.

Eventually, the victim told police that she and Davis created a contract "to set rules for their 'friend-with-sexual benefits' relationship."

The affidavit says that the contract consisted of how many sexual encounters they would have and that it could be renewed.

Doe told police that in 2017 Monroe told her she had inappropriate pictures of Doe and had copied them from Davis' computer. Court documents show that Doe demanded Monroe delete the pictures, but that Monroe wanted the victim to have sex with Davis in return. Doe told police that she agreed but that she was later told by Monroe that Davis would post the pictures to the internet because Doe was rude to him.

Shortly after, Doe contacted Newington Police and police contacted Davis. Davis told the officer that he never threatened to post the pictures and that Monroe was setting him up.

During the course of the second investigation, started in 2018, police say they learned that Davis was actually Jon Landry, a member of Farmington's Town Council. Landry resigned from his position in January.

Newington police wrote that they believe Doe and Landry were in a physical domestic violence incident in Plainville and Salem, Conn. Investigators say they will forward the information to the law enforcement agencies there.

Court documents also reveal that Landry appeared to threaten Doe to try and get her to have sex with him, saying, "Landry made several references to contacting Doe's school to inform them of a possible relationship between Doe and another student. Landry messaged Doe: 'I won't mention any names I'll just ask her if it's frowned upon,' 'Is a med student supposed to have an undergrad spend the night with him on a subsidized program? And had that been specially addressed with you all?'"

The affidavit shows that police worked to identify Monroe through phone records. During one text message conversation that occurs on Monroe's phone, police say it appears Monroe is selling a speaker system. When officers meet with the buyer after the purchase, he tells police that the seller was a male who drove a black Honda Accord. Police reported that "a check of DMV files showed that Landry has a 2014 black Honda Accord..."

Police report in the arrest warrant that Jessica Monroe's true identity is not known, but write that a phone number identified as using the IP address around the time that Jessica Monroe accessed her TextPlus account traced back to The Simon Konover Company in West Hartford. Police say that the internet site "contains information regarding 'Jon' Landry which includes his employment history, photographs of Johnathan Landry and his family, and a phone number for Landry." And that "Landry is listed as being employed at The Simon Konover Company as Director of Information Technology."

Investigators say they tried to contact Landry in May to see if he would meet for an interview but that Landry's attorney said that "he has nothing to add to my investigation since Landry maintains nothing happened."

Police say they reached out to Landry's wife but that she declined to answer any questions regarding the case and "repeatedly asked for the investigation to be closed."

In the court document, police write that "while some information obtained in this investigation indicates that Johnathan Landry may be using the TextPlus account of the person portraying themselves as Jessica Monroe, additional search warrants need to be applied for to determine the true identity of Jessica Monroe.”

Police wrote in the affidavit that "based on the fact that Doe was beyond the age of consent and she stated the sexual intercourse was consensual no sexual assault charges will be sought" and that "the statute of limitations for Impairing the Morals/Risk of Injury to a child charges for the contact (online messaging) Landry had with Doe prior to her turning 16 years of age would have been exceeded at the time the incident was reported to the Police."

Police charged Landry with harassment and interfering with an officer.

The court document says that continued efforts will be made to positively identify Jessica Monroe which may result in additional arrest warrants/charges for Johnathan Landry or another suspect."

Landry's attorney, H. Brian Dumeer, released a statement on Tuesday:

“My client has cooperated with the authorities, however this is an active investigation and we are limited in the information we can share. Mr. Landry looks forward to a speedy resolution to this investigation and case. We also ask that his family’s privacy be respected.”

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