Michelle Troconis Appears in Court in Connection to Jennifer Dulos' Disappearance

The search for Jennifer Dulos continues as the missing mother of five has not been seen for more than three months.

On Wednesday, the girlfriend of Jennifer's estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, appeared in court in Norwalk on a new tampering with evidence charge in connection to the case.

Michelle Troconis had been out on bond after she turned herself into state police for the new charge last week.

"I'd like you to remember that Michelle is presumed innocent and she should be," said attorney Andrew Bowman.

Troconis did not enter a plea. Her next court appearance is October 10, 2019.

The latest arrest warrant said that Troconis did not see Fotis Dulos the morning of Jennifer's disappearance. He returned later in the afternoon and started cleaning one of his employee's pick-up trucks after lunch.

Investigators said Troconis told them that Dulos handed her a towel while cleaning what she thought was a coffee spill. She told them she put the towel in one of the black plastic garbage bags she brought there. She told police it didn't smell like coffee, according to the arrest warrant.

The arrest warrant also said that Troconis admitted it was her and Fotis Dulos on surveillance video in Hartford, where a man is pictured throwing away trash bags that were found to contain Jennifer's blood, but Troconis said she didn't know what Fotis Dulos was doing.

Fotis Dulos is facing the same charges and has already pleaded not guilty.

Both of them have previously pleaded not guilty to other tampering and hindering prosecution charges.

A gag order was put in place by a judge last week. The gag order means the prosecution, defense and police can no longer speak publicly about the investigation.

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