3 Freight Train Cars Derail in Plainville

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A freight train in Plainville derailed in Plainville on Sunday night.

Fire officials said three train cars were involved in the derailment that happened near Atwood and Bartlett streets.

The load was empty when the train derailed, but one of the cars was carrying liquid propane before so there were residual fumes, according to firefighters.

The fumes were investigated and monitored, but authorities said they ended up not being a cause for concern.

A crane has been brought in to remove the cars, however, it is expected to take a few more hours before the incident is cleaned up.

Two people were on the train when it derailed, but one of them jumped off as it was derailing, fire officials said. An ambulance was called for the person who jumped, however, he or she did not require hospitalization. The other person was not injured.

Residents in the area received a reverse 911 call to let them know what happened, authorities added.

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