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Golfers Undeterred by Heat Wave

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The brutally hot weather this week has been tough on people trying to enjoy outdoor activities, such as golf.

“I showed up as a single, just trying to get out. I know it’s pretty busy,” said Matt DuPont, a golfer from Berlin.

Despite Friday’s hot weather, Stanley Golf Course in New Britain was busy throughout the day with 140 golfers participating in a large charity outing for Central Connecticut State University. But with a 27-hole course, they were able to keep nine holes reserved for other golfers.

It started as a cloudy, humid day on Friday, but was forecast to get hotter. DuPont was mentally preparing for Friday afternoon when he planned to play in a golf tournament in Wethersfield at 1 p.m.

“It’s a little cooler right now, but still pretty sticky out. Later on, it’ll be pretty brutal,” said DuPont.

Howie Friday, the head golf professional at Stanley Golf Course, said this week’s heat wave has not stopped golfers from coming out to play.

“Golfers are a different breed, they, you know, they'll play early and then they'll come out late because they think it's cooler. They'll take more carts than usual. But yeah, they don't stop playing,” said Friday.

Stanley Golf Course had water available for golfers in the clubhouse and on beverage carts throughout the course and they reminded golfers to stay well hydrated.

If people really want to fit in some golf but want to avoid the sun, they can take advantage of the fully covered driving range.

“People who don't want to stay on the golf course for four or five hours, will come down and hit a bucket of balls. We have this top tracer technology so people can play courses all over the world on our driving range. So they can play nine holes at Pebble Beach and be done in 45 minutes. So yeah, that's an option for hot days like this,” said Friday.

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