Good Weather Equals Good Business for Many Along the Shoreline

Restaurants are thriving in Niantic as beachgoers enjoy the dry sunny summer.

NBC Connecticut

Hot weather means sizzling business opportunity for those who count on additional beach traffic in Niantic. Many of these businesses are weather dependent and are hoping to take advantage of the final weeks of summer.

On Wednesday, Lucille Lancia and a group from the Cromwell Senior Center took a daytrip to Niantic. An excursion for a delicious fried clam plate and the scenery.

“Gorgeous, beautiful. It’s a different world,” Lancia said while eating on the patio of a popular seaside restaurant.

Lancia is one of the thousands of people who visit the shoreline this time of year. Enjoying the weather and dropping some cash at the area businesses like Dad’s Restaurant, a Niantic seasonal staple.

“When it’s sunny and warm and the beaches are full, people are going to come out and eat,” said Dad’s Restaurant manager David Havrilla.

Hot summer days - there have been plenty of them this year. It's something to celebrate for most seasonal shoreline businesses that have been literally cashing in on the weather.

But the constant sunshine hasn’t necessarily been a bright spot for all shoreline businesses.

“We’ve had good weather this year. So, things have been a little bit slower,” said Peter Mitchell, who runs the Niantic Cinemas.

Mitchell said a little rain or even a lot of it is good for his business. Without many rainy days, he’s needed to rely on the summer blockbusters as a draw, especially “Top Gun,” where coincidentally the main character shares his same name.

With this week’s forecast though, Mitchell finds something to look forward to.

“People like the air-conditioning,” he said.

Nature’s air conditioning is a draw for a lot of people who enjoy eating alfresco on the shoreline. In Niantic today, outdoor dining at Skippers was busy. They say it’s been a good year, but unlike some other area restaurants, aren’t worried about summer’s end, because they are one of the few establishments open year-round.

“It’s not like summertime but it’s really good, too,” said restaurant manager Alex Villa.

Still, it is August and while it’s hot this week, those crisp fall days aren’t too far ahead.

“I know, pretty depressing,” said Paula Luna of Cromwell. “But we’ll get through it.”

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