Gov. Lamont to Meet With Lawmakers on Tolls

Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont is expected to hear more about the General Assembly's latest ideas for funding Connecticut's transportation needs.

Lamont has asked Republican and Democratic legislative leaders to meet with him privately to discuss the plans. The group hopes to get together before Thanksgiving.

Lamont recently unveiled his 10-year, $21.3 billion, wide-ranging CT2030 transportation plan, which partially relies on revenue generated from 14 bridge tolls throughout the state. However, both Republicans and Democrats have expressed serious reservations about tolls. House Democrats have instead suggested 12 tolls on only big trucks, a concept that's like what Lamont proposed during his 2018 election campaign.

Senate Republicans have proposed a no-tolls alternative that relies on complicated plan to financially stabilize the state's transportation fund by using $1.5 billion from Connecticut's budget reserves.

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