Governor Urges Pension Change and Ready to Negotiate Transportation

During a meeting with NBC Connecticut editorial staff, Gov. Dannel Malloy stressed that pension reform is needed to get the state on a better financial path.

He described how one set of retirees and active workers is dragging down the entire system. He proposed increasing payments for those members sooner.

“We have to make real changes that are going to change the trajectory of a deficit or a financial problem or, quite frankly a business problem."

Malloy said the pension liability is something companies look at when they consider Connecticut as a destination.

Malloy said the unfunded liability "has been an overhang for a long time.”

On transportation, for the first time, Gov. Malloy signaled that he's ready to hear compromise proposals for the ambitious 30 year, $100 billion plan. He secured a half cent of all sales tax collection being devoted to transportation spending.

“There are things that people are suggesting that I can be supportive of. There are things that I want to be heard about. I have pledged to have a fair and open discussion of all items that Republicans or Democrats or I put on the table.”

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