Final Stretch in Race for Governor

This weekend is a busy one for the candidates in the Connecticut gubernatorial race.

Today NBC Connecticut caught up with both candidates to ask about the final push.

"We're touching a lot of people here in these last few days of the race," Republican candidate Tom Foley said.

Tomorrow President Barack Obama will stop in the state to support Democratic Governor Dan Malloy. The First Lady was here on Thursday.

"We're working very hard on what we call our ground game, our get out the vote," says Malloy.

Foley will also receive help with a fifth visit by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Monday.

For Foley and Malloy the themes of this campaign are well worn.

"Creation of 70,000 private section jobs, increased graduation rates, lowest crime in 45 years," Malloy said.

"Talking to people around the state, people are very disappointed with where Connecticut is right now. They're very upset about the taxes they have to pay," Foley said.

Also in this race is conservative petitioning candidate Joe Visconti.

This week's Quinnipiac University poll found Malloy and Foley tied at 43-percent, Visconti at seven.

"I think I already have the edge but I think we're pulling away," Foley explained.

"We're looking forward to a victory," says Malloy.

That Quinnipiac poll, which showed Foley and Malloy tied, has not changed that much from a previous poll about a week ago.

This race appears to be deadlocked until decision day on Tuesday.

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