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Hamden Declares Public Emergency Over Outstanding Utility Bill

The mayor of Hamden has declared a public emergency due to an outstanding utility bill that is preventing the town from meeting contractual obligations to a local golf course.

The owner of Laurel View Country Golf Club contacted the town’s Public Works Department last week warning that they may soon have to turn on the water at the course. The town is responsible by contract for supplying the water for the course.

Accoridng to press release, Hamden Mayor Curt Leng called for an emergency meeting when the town learned the Regional Water Authority would not turn on the water until the town paid its bills. Leng declared the emergency to authorize spending up to $100,000 to pay off the bills.

Without water, the release said, there could be serious damage to the course.

“The Council approved the new lease agreement for the golf course, with knowledge that these utility bills needed payment immediately,” Leng wrote in a statement. “A transfer to cover all the costs associated with these utilities and other contracted expenses was submitted to the Council in March. Inaction has created a manufactured problem that required action on my behalf to avoid harming the Town.”

Matt Menchetti, director of golf at the course and president of Triump Golf, said he was not aware of any issues at this time. He said they informed the town they may soon be pressurizing the water system, and that they plan to water around June 1. They have not had to use the system yet due to the rainy spring.

Menchetti said at this point he was not concerned and that he it wasn’t his place to comment on the town’s financial situation. The course is open as usual this weekend.

Leng has called for an emergency meeting of the Hamden Legislative Council on Saturday to discuss the issue.

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