Hartford Family Calls for Justice After Fatal Shooting

There’s a plea for an end to the deadly violence in Hartford from a family that knows all too well the pain it can cause.

This as the city boosts patrols to curb a recent uptick in shootings.

“Miguel was my cousin, 34-years-old, greatest person you will ever meet,” said Lindsay Fernandez.

Fernandez and her family are now grieving the sudden loss of Miguel Perez.

On Tuesday, they held a vigil for him in Hartford.

“Our family is broken. He didn’t deserve to die. He leaves behind a son, an 8-year-old,” Fernandez said.

A family is struggling to understand what led to Perez’s death Thursday.

Investigators revealed he crashed on Hamilton Street after being shot in the back while driving.

Police believe he was targeted.

“It’s not fair that his son has to grow up without a father, for our family to have to bury our cousin. It’s just unfair,” said Fernandez.

One day after Perez’s death, the police ramped up patrols to help stop the violence this summer.

As of Friday, there had already been 10 homicides and 75 shootings in the city so far this year.

Now one of the families left reeling is calling for justice and to find whoever is responsible for their loss.

This as they pray that others don’t have to go through the same thing.

“Hopefully we can get together as a community and get this violence to stop,” said Fernandez.

Police are still investigating if Perez was working for a ride-sharing company at the time.

If you can help solve this case, officers would like to hear from you.

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