Hartford Internal Audit Commission Approves Investigation into Chief Thody's Car Crash

NBC Connecticut

Members of Hartford's Internal Audit Commission unanimously approved a motion to begin an internal investigation into possible violations made by Police Chief Jason Thody.

The I.A.C.'s decision to move forward with an investigation after the city's chief auditor found evidence that led him to believe that an investigation is necessary.

The decision stems from a single-vehicle accident with Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody on May 31. According to a city report, the chief was on the way to a Black lives matter protest in Hartford, when his department-issued vehicle hit a side rail on Route 154 in Chester.

I.A.C. members voiced their concerns in a meeting this afternoon.

"Has there been an incident that involves city property, city people with respect to money?," said Bruce Rubenstein, a commissioner with Hartford's I.A.C. "The answer for me is yes."

The IAC decision now opens the door for the Internal Department to begin their report into any possible wrong-doings by any city leader.

Rubenstein mentions that the commissioner's decision to move forward with an investigation is one of the first steps necessary before further actions could be taken.

The commissioners tell NBC Connecticut, the report will consist of gathering information to critically analyze the remaining documents that will be needed to complete the investigation.

"As the process continues, we will probably be calling on the Mayor, Police Chief, and anyone else involved in the matter," said Rubenstein. "The interview will include my chief auditor, myself, and other commissioners."

The IAC also mentioned there could be other consequences for those involved.

"We could refer the findings and report to the state's attorney if we found criminality," said Rubenstein. "We could refer it to the Mayor or the City Council."

Demonstrators voiced their concerns about the situation earlier on Wednesday Morning.

"I'm not saying he should be fired for conduct unbecoming but he should definitely be suspended until he can clear his name," said D'Juan Eastman, co-founder with the Citizens Opposed to the Police States. "We have to be able to take a police officer's word and that's just the bare minimum."

The Mayor's Office issued this statement to NBC Connecticut on Wednesday Afternoon: "Two investigations have been completed and disciplinary action taken, and we will review any findings made by the Internal Audit Commission."

The Internal Department will begin it's investigation on Thursday.

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