Health Centers Open for Hartford Students Heading Back to School

There are seven school-based health centers in Hartford that are funded by the state, and treat students with or without insurance.

Health care professionals are conducting student check-ups and giving vaccines at school-based health centers in Harford before students head back to class.

“They need to have their physicals for pre-K, kindergarten, seventh grade and 10th grade,” said Physician Assistant Brooke Kokus. “Medically we recommend them having physicals every year but they have to have those in order to enter school. You also have to have different immunizations depending on what grade that they’re going into.”

There are seven school-based health centers in Hartford. Kokus said they’re funded by the state, and they treat students whether or not they have health insurance.

On an average school day, she said they see about 80 students. It keeps them out of doctors’ offices and emergency rooms.

“We want to keep our community healthy,” Kokus said. “We want to keep our kids in school. We want to make it easier for parents so that they don’t have to miss out on a day of work or wait for hours in the doctor’s office.”

“I understand that immunization is important for all kids in school, so they can actively participate in all activities and not worry about health,” said parent Anu Pampaul. “It makes it very easy basically. To go to any appointments or anything it takes a lot of time. We didn’t have that much time so it’s great.”

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