Yale Health Workers Peeked at Le's Medical Records

Some Yale University Health Services employees are in a heap of trouble for looking at the medical records of Annie Le, the grad student who was murdered in September.

University President Richard Levin told the Yale Daily News that the employees peeked at the  records soon after Le, 24, went missing on Sept. 8. 

While some might argue that the job of a Yale Health Services employee is to access electronic medical records, federal privacy laws limit what they can and cannot see.

“We do try to enforce those rules but that doesn’t mean we shut people out from being able to get access to those records,” Levin said. An investigation into the misconduct is ongoing, he told the newspaper.

Before employment, all health services employees are required to go through patient privacy training.

“Employees in the medical care facilities would obviously have more access to records than the rest of us,” Levin said. “But on some level, you have to trust people.”

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