Heating System Companies Booming During Cold Temps

Heating system companies are scrambling to take care of customers across Connecticut.

Mike LeBeau of Bristol owns two multi-family homes, renting out all the floors, except one floor that he lives on. He said when it’s this cold, his heat has to work.

"I want the heat back on and the problems fixed for my tenants," LeBeau said. 

The company that services LeBeau’s boilers just fixed one of them and did annual maintenance on another. With this kind of cold, the heating repair business is only getting busier.

"It has been crazy, this whole week has been eight o’clock or after. working night time. The phone just keeps ringing and ringing with other calls," Matt Ryan with R&E Heating & Air Conditioning said. 

Ryan has seen everything from burst pipes to boilers that shut down. In a prolonged deep freeze like this, there’s usually just one culprit. He explains the wear-and-tear from a boiler overworking puts a strain on it that it can not always handle.

Ryan said to be on the safe side, besides getting annual maintenance, homeowners should go down to their basement and make sure the boiler appears to be working properly and it’s not making any strange sounds or leaking water. Also, it’s not a bad idea to check what pipes can see for any leaks.

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