Teen Often Gets Mistaken for Justin Bieber

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As tweens across the state eagerly await Justin Bieber’s arrival for his Connecticut show on Wednesday, one person who will be nowhere near the show, or the airport, is a teen who looks an awful lot like the teen superstar.

Nicholas Pedrolini, a 13-year-old from New Hartford, often gets mistaken for the teen sensation from Canada, his mother, Donna, said.

After seeing his photo, we see why.

Just a couple weeks ago, Nicholas was at Six Flags in Springfield with a couple friends to see Kesha. When people saw him, many mistook him for the star. Some commented that he looked like Justin Bieber. Others pointed.

“I think, because there was a concert and Kesha was there,” Donna Pedrolini said.

Then, things got scary.

Nicholas’ friend’s mom was getting ready to bring them home from the show when teenagers surrounded the car.

“At the end of his night, his car got surrounded,” Donna Pedrolini said. “There were at least 10 to 15 teenagers surrounding the car.”

They wanted autographs from one of the hottest musicians around.

Nicholas’ friend’s mother told the teens that she was not chauffeuring Justin Bieber, but she was afraid to move and it took a little while for them to be able to continue on safely.

Donna Pedrolini said that was the first time her son’s resemblance to Bieber caused an actual problem.

“It could have been a safety issue, not only for my son, but also for the people with him and the people surrounding the vehicle,” she said.

Nicholas, however, took it in stride.

“Because nothing happened, he thought it was kind of funny,” Donna said.

Donna admits that there is a resemblance between her son and the singer, but they are unique differences.

Donna’s 12-year daughter, however, does not think her brother resembles her favorite singer and would love to show Bieber a photo and prove it to him herself when she goes to the show at the XL Center on Wednesday.

And Donna does not expect her son to follow in Bieber’s musical footsteps. He’s happier playing football, baseball and snowboarding.

And about Bieber’s music. It’s not one of Nicholas’ favorites.

See the Somebody to Love video here.

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