High School Brawlers Say It Was Only a Movie

The Stamford High scene was scary enough for people to call 911

Some want-to-be filmmakers are likely grounded on Friday after their little movie project scared Stamford residents enough to summon the cops.

The setting: Stamford High School, just before 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Act 1: Several youths, armed with guns and baseball bats, fight in the main parking lot, callers tell police.

Act 2: Police arrive and detain the large group of students, take several bats and the guns, and determine that the guns were paint ball guns and other facsimile firearms.

Act 3: The students claim they were attempting to make a movie.

Stamford High School officials tell police they never gave the group permission to film a movie or to have weapons on school property and leave it to police to take appropriate action.

Act 3: Fourteen students are arrested, given summonses for breach of peace and/or possession of a facsimile firearm and turned over to their parents. 

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