High-Value Equipment Stolen From Construction Business in Watertown: Police

Police in Watertown are investigating after thousands of dollars worth of equipment was stolen from a business near an industrial park over the weekend.

Officers were called to a construction business near the Watertown Industrial Park on Monday after several high value pieces of equipment and materials were reported stolen from a tractor trailer. Police said the theft occurred sometime over the weekend.

According to officials, among the items stolen were three gasoline-powered hydraulic pump set-ups consisting of the pump, intensifiers and hydraulic lines. Each set up is valued at $25,000 each and are industry specific to those in the high-tension electrical wire installation service.

Approximately 1,000 pounds of heavy gauge copper grounding wire in a yellow jacket with clamps, 2 Stihl chain saws and a Stihl K-14 demo saw were also stolen, police said.

If you come across someone in possession of these items or someone trying to sell these items, you're asked to contact Officer McKirryher at (860) 945-5200 or you can call Crimestoppers at (860) 945-9940 for an anonymous cash reward.

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