Holiday Travel Bustling Despite Warnings of Terrorist Threats After Paris Attacks

People traveling through Bradley Airport aren't letting fears of terrorism stop them despite the U.S. State Department issuing a worldwide travel alert.

Laurie Gruenloh, visiting Connecticut cousins from Mobile, Alabama, said, "We were actually in Belgium a month ago. We were in Brussels and it was a very safe environment at the time so it's been a little unnerving, I guess."

Bradley was busy on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, with people ready to fly or finished flying.

"Leaving here, the security line was long with the Paris attacks," said Tim Jarvis, from West Hartford, "but I didn't have any problem today."

Amanda Scacchitti, heading back to Connecticut from Atlanta, said, "I do it just about every week for my job and I think as long as you get there in enough time and you pay attention to the rules and are prepared, it's not that bad."

People at Union Station in New Haven will see more security as well as more trains this weekend.

Craig Schulz, of Amtrak, said, "We're adding extra trains to the schedule, adding capacity, extra coaches where we can, to accommodate as many people as we can."

He said tomorrow and Sunday are Amtrak's busiest days of the year.

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