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How to Keep Home Cooling System Up and Running

Campbell Heating and Cooling provided tips on how to best maintain condensers to avoid malfunctions during the heatwave.

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A homeowner’s nightmare during the extreme heat - no central air.

“This is the clean side, and this is how it should look,” said Service Technician Jesse Lonsdale.

Campbell Cooling and Heating got a call from Rocky Hill homeowners on Thursday after they noticed it was getting a bit hot in the house.

“The unit looked like it needed a little bit of maintenance, so we went inside and checked the air filter, it was dirty, which made us believe this unit hasn’t been maintenance in a couple years,” said Officer Manager Michael Campbell. 

The temperature inside the home almost reached the 90s.

“It was pretty bad. I got to be honest with you, we are kind of used to it at this point,” Campbell said.

A condenser can malfunction during the hot summer days if it is not properly cleaned.

“If the unit is dirty and with these high temperatures, days like this you have a big draw on the grid, these little things tend to pop,” Campbell said.

Campbell said homeowners can do some self-maintenance every few months to make sure everything is up and running.

"This is something that is very simple, with a hose, you can clean out your outdoor unit. The filter changes can be done by anyone three to four times a year,” Campbell explained.

A professional should stop by to check out the unit once a year.

 “We are going to turn it back on, make sure it comes back on and we’re back in business,” Campbell said.

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