How the Constitutional Convention Works in CT

Every 20 years, Connecticut residents can decide whether or not to hold a Constitutional Convention. 

This convention would be held to determine if changes should be made in the state constitution.
Next week, that question will again be on the ballot. 

If the voters approve a convention, delegates would be selected by the state legislature. 

The last time a constitutional convention was held was in 1965, when 84 delegates were picked - 14 from each of the six Congressional District.

Connecticut now has only five districts, but picking 14 from each district was the formula used at that time. There is nothing to say that formula must be used this time.

The delegates could be state lawmakers, constitutional lawyers, even some members of the general public.

After delegates are chosen, the convention would have to be held before Nov. 9, 2009.  Any changes approved by the delegates would then have to be voted on by the voters.

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