Implications on Winter: Lack of Snow Through January 14

First Alert meteorologists dug through the records to see what it may mean

As of January 14, only 1.3 inches of snow have been recorded this season at Bradley International.

Let's preface this by saying all calculations below use the 110-year period of record in the Hartford area. Not "forever."

Only three other seasons have seen an equal or lesser amount of snow through January 14: 1927-1928, 2006-2007 and 1979-1980.

An average of the snowfall from those three seasons results in a paltry amount. Only 20.3 inches!

Also of interest, December 2015 was warmest on record.

First Alert meteorologists calculated the average seasonal snowfall in the seasons with a top 10 warmest December.

The result? An average seasonal snowfall value of 24.7 inches. Not much, especially considering the 1981-2010 average is 45 inches per season.

Using simply the 1981-2010 average for the remainder of winter, roughly 27 more inches of snow should fall, making for a seasonal total of 28.3 inches. Of course that's an average winter, and this year has been far from average.

Remember, the seasonal average is 45 inches.

The likelihood this winter in Connecticut falls far short of the average is quite high.

To obtain a top 15 least snowy winter, no more than 22.8 inches needs to fall.

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