Insurance Advice Ahead of Jose

With Jose expected to impact Connecticut this week, chief underwriting officer at Travelers, Elaine Baisden, says there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

"We recommend that you have an emergency preparedness kit, so things like water, make sure you have enough nonperishable items, don’t forget your pets," said Baisden. "We recommend that you actually bring everything in that you can. A lot of items like deck furniture could become projectile items and could do a lot of damage."

She says document what you can before the storm hits, and review your insurance coverage.

"Walk around your house with your mobile phone and take pictures, take inventory of the items that are in there," said Baisden. "We recommend that annually you talk with your insurance provider, or your agent, to understand what coverage you have, and you understand what your deductibles are."

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