Kent Unveils 9/11 Plaque After 5-Years of Negotiation

A 9/11 memorial in Kent divided the town, but it will be unveiled this morning after five years of negotiating.

The plaque honors a local man who was killed in the attacks 13 years ago, as well as all the victims. 

James Gadiel worked as an assistant trader at Cantor Fitzgerald on the 103rd floor of the North Tower when the World Trade Center was attacked. He was 23 when he was killed and the memorial plaque honoring him was at the center of controversy in town because of what his father wanted it to say.   

Should a 911 Memorial read “Murdered by Muslim Extremists”

"The previous First Selectman and others opposed mentioning the fact that the perpetrators were Islamic terrorists and I insisted on that because I felt that to whitewash history is to dishonor the victims," said Peter Gadiel, who said the new administration got him to go with "killed by Islamic extremists."

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